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Winchester Toy Firearms

What a great way to teach your youngsters safe firearm handling. These are exact miniature replicas of the Winchester Model 94, Model 70 Rifle, and a Winchester Over and Under Shotgun. Built into the gun is a speaker so when the shotgun is opened or the rifle action moved, the little firearm makes the same sound as the real thing. Then, lo and behold, when you fire it you hear the loud bang of a firearm and a bullet light flashes at the nozzle. These little things are fun for almost any age. Battery operated. 31" long.

A.  Model 94 Rifle
WM94 - $32.50

B.  Winchester Shotgun
WOU - $32.50

C.  Model 70 Rifle
WM70 - $32.50


Winchester Puzzles Galore

After you have spent hours doing this jigsaw, you end up with a picture of an historic Winchester poster thatís so beautiful, you could even frame it. Youíll have fun with these. Please specify which scene you desire. Each puzzle has 550 pieces.


  WG0607 - $22.950

Hunterís Choice

  WG0611 - $22.95

Holdíem Steady

  WG0615 - $22.95

Deer Camp

  WG0603 - $22.95

Breakfast at Camp

  WG0613 - $22.95

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