Winchester Playing Cards

You have to see these to believe!  The detail - each card has a reproduction of Winchester advertising art.  52 of them.  They are great!  ** Two decks       

   W1450 -  Winchester Cards (2-packs) - $6.95


Winchester Small Waste Basket

Just the right size for collecting small items on your desk. Only 9-1/2" tall x 8" wide.  

  W1215 -  Winchester Waste Basket - $29.95 


Winchester Shotshell Thermometer

This great new unit is something to see!  Hang it on the back porch or gun room door.  It has durable powder coating to withstand the elements.  Measures a BIG 7" x 25".       

   W1027 -  Shotshell Thermometer - $19.75





Shot Shell Flashlight

Here is a great mid-size flashlight. 12 super bright LEDs.  Batteries included.

6" long, 1 1/2" in diameter.  

    1075 - $19.50

Winchester LED Candle

What a great gift candle. Flickers and glows like a real candle but is SAFE and long lasting.  3.5" x 8" tall.  

    W1300 - $16.95


Bullet  LED Flashlight

It is hard to believe the powerful light that comes from such a small LED flashlight.  Only 3/4" x 3 3/4".  Comes with batteries

    915 - $6.50


 Winchester Dog Collars

What a cute little collar !  If you own a Winchester firearm, your dog, and hunting companion, would sure love to have one of these.  Collars come with a brass tag, one side is ready for engraving and the other looks just like a shotshell head. 


Small -16" WDC1
Medium - 19" WDC2
Large - 22" WDC3
Extra Large - 25" WDC4


4 foot WDL12
6 foot WDL14


American Flag Pen - by Fisher

Write under water, over grease, in extreme temperatures and up-side-down.  Developed for NASA, used on all manned space flights. 

    AFPS - $22.50




.375 Cartridge Pen

Now in nickel, steel and copper.  Sure is handsome! Comes in a gift box. 

    375NS - $41.50


.375 H & H Mag Space Pen

This beautiful Rifle Cartridge Pen as all the newest features in a ball point.  The ink cartridge is sealed and pressurized.  It will write at temps from -30ºF to 250º.  It's efficient under water, at any angle and even upside down.  This is the unit used by NASA who tested them for 18 months.  Guaranteed and long life. Refills are available from the factory or your local office supply store.

    FSPI - $26.50


Winchester Serving Tray

Will you look at this - an absolutely beautiful tray that will come in handy when you’re outside barbecuing. The Winchester horse and rider emblem is in great detail. This is really pretty enough to hang on the wall.

Click here to order   4-77 - $69.95


Showman Shooter - Depicting the Life of the World's Greatest Shot - Herb Parsons

Of all the new products we are introducing this year, this is a must. Many of you have purchased the Herb Parsons VHS and DVD and many of you actually got to see Herb shoot in person.  What a wonderful tribute to a great man.  Hundreds of photos, memos and copies of letters from his friends.  Believe me, it is great reading.  Why, it even has my picture on page 398, if you can find me.  A great history of a great man.  479 pages.

    HP1 - $42.50


Can Coolers

After you’ve had a wonderful day of hunting and fishing and you’re relaxing with your favorite drink, these handsome can coolers will keep your beverage cool. If you lend one to a friend, he’ll want to keep it, so buy a bunch for all your hunting and fishing buddies.

  WCC-2  -  2  for  $4.00

  WCC-4  -  4  for  $7.00

Showman Shooter – VHS 

Some of you remember Herb Parsons, one of the world’s greatest shots, who traveled the country putting on demonstrations that were absolutely fantastic, as it allowed you to see Herb’s smooth handling of Winchester’s rifles and shotguns. This film was professionally done back in the 1950s and will give you a most enjoyable experience.  (VHS tape not pictured)

  HP 1 - Herb Parsons VHS Tape - $24.95

Winchester Thermometer

Beautiful 17" indoor or outdoor thermometer is a joy to look at.

  TH939  -  $18.95

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