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Winchester Glass Lazy Susan

The famous Winchester horse & rider logo on tempered glass. It is as functional as it is good looking. Smooth rotating ball bearing design. 15"   

   812 - Winchester Lazy Susan -$58.50

Giant Shot Shell Lighter

This table lighter is 7 inches all and will get noticed anywhere you put it.  

  20888 - Shot Shell Lighter  - $14.95

Winchester Shot Glasses - Pair

Here are two beautiful clear acrylic shot glasses.  The base is brass with copper primer. Red printing with black horse & rider.  

   BB5A -Shot Glasses - Pair -$16.50-Limited Supply

We are sorry to announce that the factory has closed and we have the last of the supply.  LIMITED QUANTITY !!!

Winchester Coffee Mugs

Here is a truly beautiful mug with the Winchester logo so expertly done that the Horse and Rider look as if they are jumping off the cup. Dishwasher safe. Sold in pairs.

Click here to order  101ALM - $18.95



Winchester Glass Mug

After a most enjoyable day in the field, enjoy your favorite brew in this wonderful Winchester Sport Mug.  Here is a top quality lead crystal glass mug. 15 oz. 

Click here to order   WM502  - $18.95  

Winchester Serving Tray

Will you look at this - an absolutely beautiful tray that will come in handy when you’re outside barbecuing. The Winchester horse and rider emblem is in great detail. This is really pretty enough to hang on the wall.

Click here to order   4-77 - $69.95

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