Storage Boxes - Ammo, Boot/Storage, Jewelry and more

Winchester  Poker Chips & Cards - in wooden box

This beautiful box is a must for all hunting camps. 

Click to Order  1300-77 - Winchester Poker Chips/Cards in Box - $87.50



Winchester Keepsake Box - Black Bear

This beautiful box sure would make a great gift for any hunter.  

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  2-23 - Black Bear Keepsake Box - $55.00  


Winchester Keepsake Box - Game Animals

This little keepsake box sure does bring on a smile. Handsome box featuring Game Animals playing poker.  

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  2-121 - Poker Box - $55.00   



Keepsake Boxes

Crafted from select pine, these handmade boxes are the perfect place to store your treasures.  Unique artwork with an antiqued finish.  MADE IN THE USA.  

 11" x  7" x 4"

Click to Order - 2-VE9  - Trout $55.00
Click to Order - 2-94 - Quail $55.00
Click to Order - 2-61 - Pheasant $55.00
Click to Order - 2-82  - Deer $55.00
Click to Order - 2-91 - Turkey $55.00
Click to Order - 2-25G - Lab $55.00


Winchester Wooden Stool

This fine wooden stool with black base and logo on the seat. Very handsome stool would look great in the home.  

button.jpg (3743 bytes)  3028 - Winchester Stool - $144.50  



Winchester  Ammo Box - Black

This beautiful dressed up ammo box.   Measures 16" x 10" x 10" high.  

Click to Order  53-77 - Winchester Black Ammo Box - $112.95



Winchester Small Ammo Box

This beautiful ammo box is very similar to the boxes the factory used for metallic cartridges.  Looks like the real thing. Measure 15" x 9.5" x 5" high. 


Click to Order  3005 - Winchester Small Ammo Box - $68.00


Flag Box

Here is a great new box that outlines the American flag.  14" x 9.5" x 5".  A gift everyone would love.

Click to Order  3-F - Flag Box - $84.50


Ranger Shot Shell Box

This neat small box shows the early Winchester Ranger Shot Shell.  11" x 7" x 4".

Click to Order  2W78 - Ranger Shot Shell Box - $52.50


Winchester and Remington Gunning Boxes 

Beautifully made Winchester and Remington Gunning boxes with removable trays. There are recessed handles on each end. A great way to store your wonderful gunning supplies. 20" x 9" x 9.75" high.

Click to Order  53016 - Winchester Gunning Box - $135.95

Click to Order  54016 - Remington Gunning Box - $135.95



Winchester Box

The finish is superb and depicts the beautiful Winchester horse and rider logo bordered by an antique finish. It is so beautiful you will want to put it in your living room.  15" x 9.5" x 5.25"

Click to Order  3-77 - Winchester Box - $70.95

Winchester Large Ammo Box

A full size ammunition box, 16" x 10" x 10". The top is hinged with a lockable clasp. Great for storing your ammunition or many other items.

Click to Order  3025 - Ammo Box  - $76.50


Winchester Antique Large Ammo Box

Our famous and best selling Ammo Box is now available in a darkened color, distressed wood with rounded edges and it is absolutely beautiful.  It is a box you will be very proud to own and display.  16" x 10" x 10"

Click to Order  53025- Antique Large Ammo Box - $102.50

Storage Benches


Winchester Boot Storage / Storage Bench

What a neat way to store your hunting boots or any hunting gear. Put it by your backdoor or in your den. It is absolutely beautiful, 21"x11" and 19" high. Another little piece of furniture which will truly attract attention and many comments.

Click to Order  9-77 -Winchester Storage Bench - $151.50

Winchester Jewelry Boxes
These are beautiful jewelry boxes with a lacquer finish, each featuring a different scene on the lid. They measure 6 x 4-1/2 x 2. You would be proud to have any of these on your dresser.


Hunter & Dogs - Jewelry Box

This is a beautiful picture of a hunter and bird dog on the cover with a lacquer finish. You would be proud to have it on your dresser.

Click to Order  3400 - Hunter & Dogs - $22.50



Wild Birds - Jewelry Box

This next little box is similar to the above except that it has a picture on top of several wonderful wild birds.

Click to Order  3401 - Wild Birds - $22.50

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