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Winchester Model 1894 Cartridges   

America's Best known rifle.  Over 2 million made and cherished by hunters and sportsmen worldwide.  Board contains 20 samples made for the 94.  

Click To Order 1894w - Winchester Cartridges - $152.00


Popular Rifle Cartridges of the United States   

This collection continues to be our most popular display. If you are a true rifleman and appreciate a wide variety of cartridges, this is the display for you.  With 46 rifle cartridges of many different origins, some foreign and domestic military calibers, U.S. commercial and wild cats.  These cartridges have been, and still are today, some of the most popular rifle cartridges used by shooters and collectors. Teal background. Measures 18.75" high x 20" wide.

Click To Order   PRCUS - Rifle Cartridges Collection - $194.50


Handgun Cartridge Collection   

The long awaited New Handgun Cartridge Collection contains 30 old and new cartridges, including most of the latest bottle necks and BIG BOYS up to the 500 S & W.  Teal background.  Measures 11.25" high x 17.5" wide.

Click To Order   HCC - Handgun Cartridge Collection - $144.50


American Heritage Collection   

Little brother to the popular Rifle Cartridges of the US with all the class and quality but scaled down in size.  Showcasing 14 of America's single most popular rounds since the turn of the century.  Includes 22 Hornet through 45-70 Govt.  Some originated as military cartridges, other were popular for varment, deer and elk hunting.  Most were developed and modified off of existing 250 Savage, 308 Winchester and 30-06 Springfield (also known as parent cartridges).  Measures 11.25" high x 17.50" wide.

Click To Order AHC - American Heritage Collection - $99.95

Lawman - Badges of the Old West   

These are replica badges that lawmen of the old west were issued.  The stately black background really sets off the silver badges.  The perfect gift for people in law enforcement and fans of the old west.  Measures 11.25" high x 17.50" wide.

Click To Order LBW - Badges of the Old West - $170.50


Winchester - Ammo Board

16" x 12"    

 942 - Ammo Board - Tin Sign -  $13.50

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